Second party audits

ISACert East Europe has a substantial experience in supporting retailers, restaurant chains, wholesalers, importers and global producers to develop their own schemes to manage their suppliers sustainably. We performed over 700 assessments of suppliers in the past few years.

We could provide you full service for capacity building programme for suppliers:

  • Assessment of suppliers – you will receive comprehensive information on the processes, infrastructure, quality and food safety system of the producer. The assessments will be performed by auditors, qualified by ISACert and some of the most influencing standard owners, like IFS, BRC, Global GAP, FSSC 22000 and etc.
  • Trainings and Support in roll-out of supplier assessments – Support to regional and local staff to implement supplier audit schemes, communication with suppliers, support in building of local infrastructure to support suppliers meet the requirements. We organize a series of our own training and dissemination events to help suppliers better understand the necessity of supplier assessments and GFSI certification.

Although the assessments of suppliers are a global effort, due to local market specifics the dynamics vary a lot in regions and countries. Our experience with number of retailers showed us that supplier assessment scheme implementation is a challenging task that needs not only auditing skills but also profound understanding of underlying market dynamics, good local collaboration, a well concerted communication to a number of local stakeholders, good project management, planning and allocation of resources.

We can support you in customizing your protocol taking into consideration the local peculiarities but at the same time keeping into account the overall goal. After our professional assessments will be well known which are the suppliers to be trusted and relied upon.

Our approach to auditing – audit trail and root cause analysis

ISACert developed specific methodology of auditing and reporting in order to guarantee the quality of every report. Main purpose is to prove the conformity with the defined requirements in a transparent and professional way. The ISACert audit methodology ensures an in-depth and detailed audit. ISACert does not limit the audit to listing of non-conformities but always includes a thorough analysis to find the root cause of the symptoms or non-conformities found. This helps the audited company to formulate an action plan and gives confidence that the actions undertaken will be effective.

Major part of the auditing time is spent on the production floors. This trail is more than a traceability test – it proves the existence of an overall risk-based approach to operational management and finds the weak spots that increase risk and need to be considered for improvement.

Auditor competence

As the quality of our assessments fully depends upon the quality of our auditors, an important focus area for ISACert is the competence of these auditors. All our auditors have a significant background in food production and food quality management.

Our auditors combine the international standard requirement and legislation with their knowledge of the local conditions and laws. This is of serious importance in territories where food safety legislation differs a lot from the GFSI good practices. Every auditor is trained and assessed on a regular basis and a continuous competence development program is in place. All auditors, junior as well as senior, are witnessed regularly, at least every 2 years.