Why to choose Global Markets Programme for your assessments of suppliers?

If you would like to develop and place on the market trustful own brand products and are working to improve transparency of your own safety and quality requirements and to support your suppliers in getting at higher level of food safety and quality assurance, we really believe that you can find the best solution using Global Markets Programme of GFSI.

It is a uniform instrument to assess and qualify suppliers globally and to prepare them for the certification requirements according to the GFSI recognized standards. Global Markets Programme will drive your suppliers to continuous improvement process of their food safety management system. The programme’s objective is to facilitate market access locally, create mutual acceptance along the supply chain and provide a framework for mentoring these businesses.

The GFSI Global Markets Programme was launched in 2011 to offer small and less-developed businesses a step-by-step approach to implementing food safety requirements from a low knowledge base up to position where full scheme HACCP level certification can be achieved.

Assessments of suppliers against Global markets protocol are not just an auditing facility but also a capacity building programme for suppliers to deliver safe products according to your specifications and inherently be able to get certified to GFSI recognized standards.

The programme is designed as a non-certification assessment process, which is carried out within a defined time period set by you. The programme consists of three tiers of work:

  1. Implementation of GFSI Basic Level Requirements.
  2. Business should progress to implementation of GFSI Intermediate Level Requirements .
  3. Therefore within the period set by you, the food business should be in a position to progress to full certification against a GFSI recognised food safety scheme.

Your long‐term benefits if you chose to use the programme will be:

  • Confidence in your supply chain
  • Continuous improvement in food safety which could lead to less recalls and withdrawals
  • Less redundance in not conducting your own assessments. Programme leads to cost efficiency along the supply chain through common and accepted assessment practices, processes and reports.

Knowledge and experience of ISACert in assessment of suppliers

ISACert East Europe has a substantial experience in supporting retailers, restaurant chains, wholesalers, importers and global producers to develop their own schemes to manage their suppliers sustainably. We performed over 700 assessments of suppliers based on Global Markets Protocol in the past few years.

We could provide you full service for capacity building programme for suppliers:

  • Assessment of suppliers against Global Markets Protocol– you will receive comprehensive information on the processes, infrastructure, quality and food safety system of the producer. The assessments will be performed by auditors, qualified by ISACert and some of the most influencing standard owners, like IFS, BRC, Global GAP, FSSC 22000 and etc.
  • Trainings and Support in roll-out of supplier assessments – Support to regional and local staff to implement supplier audit schemes, communication with suppliers, support in building of local infrastructure to support suppliers meet the requirements. We organize a series of our own training and dissemination events to help suppliers better understand the necessity of supplier assessments and GFSI certification.

Although the assessments of suppliers are a global effort, due to local market specifics the dynamics vary a lot in regions and countries. Our experience with number of retailers showed us that supplier assessment scheme implementation is a challenging task that needs not only auditing skills but also profound understanding of underlying market dynamics, good local collaboration, a well concerted communication to a number of local stakeholders, good project management, planning and allocation of resources.

We can support you in customizing the Global Markets protocol taking into consideration the local peculiarities but at the same time keeping into account the overall goal. After our professional assessments will be well known which are the suppliers to be trusted and relied upon.

  • Services for product legal compliance – Product specification and label assessments for compliance with local food safety legislation