logo_FSA_PMSGMP+ Feed Safety Assurance scheme

The GMP+ Feed Safety Assurance scheme (GMP+ FSA) is a scheme for assuring feed safety in all the links in the feed chain. It is also an international scheme, applicable worldwide.

The establishment and development of the scheme was primarily the result of demand from the subsequent links in the animal production chain for better control of feed safety. Another contributory factor was the damage caused by more and less serious contamination incidents.

In the initial stage the demand arose for better differentiation in an increasingly saturated European sales market for animal products. Since 1999, feed & food safety has been a top issue internationally both politically and commercially, because of serious incidents in the feed sector. Because of this, demonstrable assurance of feed safety has become a sales prerequisite.

The basic principle of the GMP+ FSA scheme is that the feed chain is part of the whole animal production chain. Proper assurance of feed safety worldwide is a high priority. Companies must live up to their responsibilities and respond properly and convincingly to the needs of animal production. The GMP+ Feed Safety Assurance scheme is an aid to realize this.

GMP+ FSA has been developed since 1992. It was managed from 1992 up until 2009 by the Product Board Animal Feed, The Hague, The Netherlands. Since 2010, this scheme is managed by GMP+ International.

ISACert is accepted by the standard owner for the scope B1, production of feed materials.